BK Black Moroccan Leather Pouf

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BK Black Moroccan Leather Pouf
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Moroccan Prestige brand poufs have gained a reputation of authenticity and outstanding quality. Our team work closely with the artisans to make sure we serve the prefect pouf to you. We sort the leather to make sure we are using the best of goat skin leather. The hides are dyed in old tanneries that were used from generation to generation. Our poufs are filled with a blend of Cotton for long endurance. We keep an eco-friendly process; no harmful chemicals are used in the process; therefore the poufs tend to have a bit of smell of leather which fades away over time. Our poufs have been featured in many magazines and our brand is trusted and have reached clients all over the world Our team is known for taking this business on a personal level. we act as the bridge between you and the artisans and when buying any of our products pls remember that you help support the lives of many artisans and their families. Imagine; it takes seven artisans to make this one special pouf. Please note since there is no chemicals involved and using old tradition of making these poufs; there might be a slight variation of colors and stitching. Size: D20"x h14"

Model: LPKK492
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